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We started this Prayer Ministry in 1999 (Prayer Warriors have offered 968724 Prayers of Intercession Here). We've always sown our last into keeping it going. Now we could use a little help.
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~~ Revs David and Dolores

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Saturday, October 19, 2019
Prayer Warriors have offered 968724 Prayers of Intercession Here.
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International Prayer Requests
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My sister & her family need prayer. Our father died last year & she withdrew from everyone in the family. She has basically denounced Christ and our family. She is spiraling and needs help. Now she's moving halfway across the country. 😔

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Please pray earnestly for Judge Brett Kavanaugh and his family that the Lords will be done on earth as it is in heaven. That no weapon formed against him or his family will prosper. Pray the LORD will cause his enemies who rise against him to be defeated before him. They shall come out against him one way and flee before him seven ways.Pray that he holds fast to the Lord God in love, and he will deliver him;he will protect him, because he knows his name.When he calls to the Lord, he will answer him; he will be with him in trouble; He will rescue him and honor him with long life he will satisfy him and show him his salvation. Pray for his protection the righteous person may have many troubles, but the LORD delivers him from them all In Jesus Name Amen


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Please pray for my son. He is a college football coach and works very hard. He doesn't just work hard so the team can win, but to make them the best men they can be. His team is struggling this season. Please pray that they can work cohesively so they can have some success on the field to give them confidence off the field. My son is getting very stressed out and it is starting to take its toll. Thank you!

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Please pray that my mom's landlord from harassing my mom who is trying to exercise her succession rights. My mom by law has the right to take over my aunt's lease who just passed away and they have been living together for years.

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I pray swelling goes away, my teeth heal they dont fallm healing for my eyes, psoarisis as am young i pray my husband Carlos calls me immediately stops accusing me of makig trouble realizes its marcela making trouble she put him in jail and i bailed hm out 2 times i pray my husband Carlos loves me comes back home to live with me anne and our family forever & leaves marcela forever & Carlos is set free from bondage of her ,that he realizes she controls him & he stops listening to the evil she tells him about us, for fulltime work soon,for a second job soon, healing for brian & all at home,that desmond gets hold of the property, i get my money back soon, that the insurance guy sends my refund soon, that desmond does well in his business,able to pay the bills on time, that he doesnt loose his house, fixes it too, that brian comes here soon, , that i get my residence soon, that tasha, pat pay me soon that mabel, max study well, malcolm, michelle, mabel, myself do well at our jobs that my boss likes my work too, for all needs

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My wife of nearly 10 years has left me, 3 months ago. We have 2 children, and I don't want a life of separation or divorce for them. I pray for Reconciliation, and a renewed relationship. I desire for God to speak to me somehow and help me see where he is in all of this. So I can have some understanding of if reconciliation is part of God's plan for my life.

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Relief from evil neighbors Jacqueline Samuel PETE and Janie Rabacalva The neighbors on Witherspoon who mind have corrupted by these three Trying to move me out Lord send me a word let see your work. These devil I see no more


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Father God I pray that my husband will be sensitive to how I feel. He cares about everyone else feelings but not mine and my feelings doesnít seem to matter... itís very hurtful and at times he makes me feel insecure. While I keep loving on him he still puts me down. Also please break any strong ties he has with his ex and her family please Father cut off all communication with them. They make me feel vey uncomfortable on how they treat me as his wife they act as if we are not married and still disrespect me as I respect them. There is no need for him to be talking with his ex nor her family at all. So father God please cut it all off with them. Also my husband goes to his parents and they are very bi-est and they get in between my husband and I with our children they pick out certain kids that they choose to favor and itís hurtful towards the rest of our kids and our kids see it as well.. please God have my husband not allowed this no more for itís damaging to us itís dividing us and our children as well I pray if they donít treat them all with the same love then my husband will see itís best that we stay away and have our own children together they are all our kids and all o


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Father God I pray for all of my children salvation and a relationship with you. That they will have such a strong relationship with you and know how real you truly are please cut off anyone who is in my childrenís way of having a relationship with you Father please and help my kids want to have a relationship with you and have a relationship with you please show them time and time again how real you truly are put new friends in there lives that will drawl them closer to you Lord as well a relationship with a mighty women of God for my sons and a mighty man of God for my girls prepare there marriage Father God for there future have them marry the rt one thatís best for them and be happyly married have all my children fulfill out there purpose and plans you have for them and lack nothing Good in life including there wives and husbands in Jesus name Amen

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For my Daughter GiaMarie to come back home and live with me and live right b4 God. Please Lord have her stay with me until she finds the right one God wants to marry her with and break off any ties she has with any girlfriends or any guys that are not of you Lord and put the right friends in her paths help her and the rest of my other kids to stay pure before you Lord in every way and have them all feel convicted if they are around anything that appears to be evil and have them know your voice Father and obey. Please Lord I pray this everyday in your Holy Name Jesus Amen

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Praise the Lord.. myself Arun Sonawane I have to buy a new home for my family but I want my Lord's permission to buy a new home. I have some money problem regarding my new home.. I Believe in jesus. Please pray for my new home and also my family too in jesus name I pray AMEN

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prayers for Dave baptized as kid is 56 yrs for submission to Jesus, EmaLee 27 yrs baptized 2011 fallen away, Heide 25yrs not saved, Mattie 21yrs not saved 3 kids (4yrs, 2 1/2yrs, 8 mths)is engaged,for salvation. im Jenny born again pray for me to plz as I pray for my family and all the lost,fallen away and the children in the world. plz keep on continued prayer list thank you

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Father God I really deeply pray that my husband and i truly mold into one. Just like our Pastor said, We are one and our children need to be all together and raised equally by all on his side of the family they pick out what kids are there favorite and they are favoritism and unfair also that very hurtful towards the rest of our children and his whole family does it. My family is so the opposite. We where raised if you cannot do for all you donít do for none. Well we have 6 kids and only 2 of them they will only have over and what was more hurtful it was a Birthday party. Our Pastor said my husband should not allow only 2 out of 6 kids to go we are one and married if only 2 is Welcome then none of our children is to go. My husband always talks to his parents and they divide us by saying there is nothing wrong with only having the 2 and the rest to stay home so my husband down plays my feelings and I come last including he still talks with his ex girlfriend and her family. I really donít like that at all and she is married and she also has open relationships as well her mom wants her back with my husband. So I pray for God to cut that whole relationship OFF in Jesus name that they h


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My husband is out on medical leave without pay. He has a bone infection, and on expensive medication to control the infection. At the moment, the antibiotics are not helping. Going to an infectious disease specialist to make sure he is on the correct medication in order to not lose his thumb. The government will not help us financially based on their standardized chart. Please pray for us financially and for his health.

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Please pray for Diane, a Christian who has been serving the Lord for 27 years, especially pray for miraculous healing of the MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity). D has been mostly homebound for over a year due to this. On this Friday Sept. 28 she has an opportunity to take a leap of faith as she has to take one of her dogs to get a shot. Please pray it goes well and she is not adversely affected by whatever may be in the atmosphere. We believe for this will be a big step forward towards her getting her life back and especially being able to return to her ministry post.

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