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Whether yours is a request for intercessory prayer or a christian prayer request, use our prayer request form to request prayer for your online prayer request here at the 1 World Center for Intercessory Prayer

Friday, March 27, 2015
Prayer Warriors have offered 944659 Prayers of Intercession Here.
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International Prayer Requests
All Prayer Requests are less than one month Old
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Please Lord Jesus Help Me With My Situation. Let Their Be No Problems. Speak To This Situation. In Jesus Name We Pray Amen.

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for removal of sexual, drug, gambling addiction for JR. I beg you god to make it stop, put his focus on those things of you lord. remove hatred, self doubt and bring blessings. he has been addicted to drugs since a teenager and his sexual addition is getting worse. lord only you can change him.

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Updated Prayer Request. A Cry for Mercy in a Darken World! LENT,HOLY WEEK,EASTER. 2015. Slow Recovery from the Death of Our Only Son and Other(Financial misery,health issues & Other Losses and Deaths..) Ongoing Sorrows… March.27,2015 Dear Community of Prayer, Thank you for praying with us daily for the long term for God's Healing and Protecting Peace! Our Broken and Exhausted Hearts Continue to Cry out to God Day & Night for His Mercy and Peace Now and in the Days ahead..Lent,Holy Week,April,May…2015,2016..?? PLEASE CONTINUE TO PRAY WITH US DAILY FOR GOD'S PEACE!!URGENT!!! IT IS EVERYTHING!!! BOTH PERSONAL AND COSMIC!!!LONG TERM? LENT,HOLY WEEK AND THROUGH OUT 2015 OR AS LONG AS POSSIBLE?? 2016?? Our Hearts are so heavy about the future? Pass Urgent Prayer Request on:Nun,Sisters,Friars,Priests,Prayer Groups,Prayer Chains,Communities of Prayer and Others you know of in the Worldwide Community of Prayer? Meanwhile,We stay at our Post in Faith(Open Hearts) and Hope with the help of your daily prayers! In His Peace, Bill and Carol. usa

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Pray for financial help and prosperity. None of my prayers are working. I am at the bottom of the barrel as far as finances are concerned. I need help.

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Thank you Lord that you are going to provide for our needs. You know our situation, you promised me success and I am standing on that promise that you will send me the clients I need to cover bills and that I may be able to bless others. Lord I just want to be able to pay my bills ON TIME. Lord I also pray about my car situation - I pray that it is completely repaired today and that I never have another mechanical issue with it again.

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Lord I'm at my wits end! Please remove this lazy attitude and spirit from Jimmy. Lord he hasn't had a job in a month and isn't even looking for one. The strain of all the bills is becoming to much for me to do alone. GOD please remove all this negative energy from him. Bless him with a job, a positive attitude and the DESIRE to do right by his family. Lord I feel so used, I'm tired and ready to give up. Lord I ask that while I wait that you provide the sales I need in the amount of $1,000 so that I can pay our bills and keep us from losing everything!

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Praying for Paul, M+ M+ M families, H, C, those unsaved Lord draw them near John 3:16 + 6:44 Proverbs 16

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need to pay $160 by 5pm today or my electric is off. Lord, please provide a way. in Jesus Name, Amen.

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Blessing for more work for today.

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That God would create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me.

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Salvation and or Healing for Bruce, Jake, Carman, Janice, Charo, Kris, Jim, Barbara, Sam, Joanne, Larry, Diane, Seth, James and John S.

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Protection, Healing and Strength for Patty, Mara, Sarah and Corey.

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Please pray for the Marriage of John and Susan, for Protection, Healing, Strength, Financial Miracles and for Success and favor at work today. Thank You

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Prayers with beads like the rosary may have begun as a practice by the laity to imitate the monastic Liturgy of the Hours, during the course of which the monks prayed the 150 Psalms daily.[2] As many of the laity and even lay monastics could not read, they substituted 150 repetitions of the Our Father (Pater noster in Latin) for the Psalms, sometimes using a cord with knots on it to keep an accurate count. PRAY and bind retaliation and confusion over me and my family and blames' over esp blasphemy confusion over me and my family and blames' over esp bind two heretics geri-geri who want to both falsely expose my family for lies and the deny Catholics right to correct themselves - this is religious verse personal bind the fears to publish articles showing all catholics they can read NOW so why not read psalms I read 15 last nite over me and my family and still they don't turn from hail mary out of laziness to use scriptures its not merely the monks and priests responsibility.. this is a tradition the jews followed; I studied under a jewish temple and the jews would take scriptures and bind them to their forehead.. and Solomon was made to memorize the proverbs and psalms AS A


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Please pray for one of my clients; Crista. She is training for her first Powerlifting contest. The other day someone tried to play chiropractor on her, and now she can't lift without pain in her shoulder.

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All Prayers are less than one month old.

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