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Whether yours is a request for intercessory prayer or a christian prayer request, use our prayer request form to request prayer for your online prayer request here at the 1 World Center for Intercessory Prayer

Monday, June 27, 2016
Prayer Warriors have offered 960721 Prayers of Intercession Here.
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International Prayer Requests
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Please pray for Kathy, her cancer has returned, worse than before. She has been hospitalized at John Hopkins in MD. She is trusting God through it all. Prayer for her husband and two daughters. Kim

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Please pray for my Mom, Diane. She is a food addict and she is trying very hard to eat healthfully especially since she has a large tumor near her kidney. She is trying to do a 80/20 diet, lots of raw and juicing. Please pray she will be able to do this with the lord's help.

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Please pray that my husband will have a stress free day today and he will be the head and not the tail. Please pray that the Lord makes his face to shine upon him and surround him with favor like a shield.

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Please pray that Steve will repay the money I invested and will not delay it any more.

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Please pray that we will have an awesome year this year and we will be able to build a concrete house and demolish our already broken down trailer.

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Please pray that we will get the highest and best price for our wood and it will not be given away to the woodyard so they can capitalize and make 100 times more than what we sell it for.

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Please pray that my sister will get the forms for her replacement passport filled in quickly and correctly so she can get her replacement passport.

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pray for supernatural touch to be able to met with two families that are victims of the occult, both open the door but wont come get prayers... pray a man Wesley will call with positive hope for deliverance of himself and his family from the occult.. that they don't ATTACK like my mom, sister and brother in law, a set up by some locals who stole business ideas..

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Lord Father, I ask this day for your favor, promotion and increase so that I may be a good provider for a home and then allow you to send the one to me that you will make my life complete and she will be the love of my life. I ask for my breakthrough to come and I expect it to rain with abundance. I ask for this new position to come and I expect my abundance. In the name of Jesus, I ask for forgiveness from you and the Angels and bring this to pass. Amen.

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Good Morning God Lord Jesus thank you for this very nice morning. Thank you for my family, friends and this wonderful home. Jesus thank you for hearing my prayers. I pray this morning for Janice to continue to get well, for her health to improve and for all of the cancer to be gone. I ask this in your name Jesus. I pray for the sick to be well, for Dylan to continue to get helathier, for Uncle Joe to be well, for Mrs. Pat to be better, for Kathy to be much better, I pray for the lady who lost her mother to heal from depression, for the person who may have to have a kidney transplant to get the best medical for him/her, I pray for the young one who has no smile due to miscongifured face to have successful medical , for the hungry to be fed, the homeless to find shelter, the lonely to make friends, the lost to be found and the jobless to find jobs. I ask this in your name Jesus. I pray for safe uninterrupted travel without incident for my family friends and myself today. I ask this in your name Jesus. PRAISE GOD HAVE FAITH PLACE ALL OF YOUR TRUST IN GOD THE FATHER ALMIGHTY, NEVER LOSE HOPE AND ALWYS GIVE IT EXTEND CHARITY GOD BLESS US ALL

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pray 3 men come forward this week and get my lawyer to call a family member of a little girl who first made accusations on ONLY because I said them first about her care.. she caused havoc among 12 families I was to met, and a lady cindy projected thru her to do it, to remove me from a team and some men with it so she can 'keep' them bound to witchcraft.. pray I do get spirits bound during meetings and they will flee with my commands.. these are active witches so its harder class room time, they haven't really decided to come in but when I show my slide show I can then do a long pray I did in college for profession of faith and coming in .. pray the woman who used these men all come in and repent even give back ALL or at least a love offering to God...its possible for them to give back all and turn to the lord, bless them with a multitude of prayer to give back and follow jesus... pray they come to a weekend seminar as me the leader two or three local deliverance teachers failed to deliver them.. and aren't equipped, they didn't get a theology degree, nor learned what the occult is, you have to find the root of a spirit as to why its harassing you then you can renounce it.. these


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MIRACULOUS PRAYER: Hail Mary mother of the Son of God. I pray to you for your help in my hour of need. Holy Mother, help me deliver my request to the LOrd Jesus Christ (make request) and send the Holy Spirit to help me make this wish a miracle. Forgive my sin and allow me to walk proudly as God servant. I accept Jesus Christ as my savior and teacher to guide me towards the righteous way of life. Thank you and praise the LORD GOD,Amen say this prayer 3 days then publish. Your miracle will happen Prayer for a Special Request Oh Dear Mother of God Our Lady Of Conception Aparecida! Oh Saint Rita of cassia and St Jude worker of miracles and helper of impossible causes pray for me. St Expedite, saint of urgent causes. St Edwiges the St of the needy, you know how desperate I feel, please ask Jesus to help me. (mention your request) may the sacred heart of Jesus be adored and glorified for ever. Pray 1 Our Father Hail Mary, and Glory Be Pray for 3 days. Publish on the 3rd day see what will happen on the 4th day.

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Prayer fro Chip to overcome kidney disease and to find help that he may not need a transplant. God show us the way help me to see, Give him strength at our work that we may know that God is with us. Amen

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Please pray for safe travel today for RS/DS/HMS/HS/DDS/NS. Please pray HMS/HS gets the funding they need for school. Please pray RS has a quiet uneventful day today free from migraines, stomach issues and illness. Thank you

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Please pray for my wife because her mother died. She has heart problems. She is suffering from depression and anxiety.

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